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How can you start thinking outside of the box by yourself?

04 Aug 20

Coming up with good ideas/solutions isn’t always that easy. Especially if you are brainstorming alone. In this blog, we tell you a little bit more about how you can improve your one-person brainstorming sessions.

The what-if.

A good way of coming up with an idea is to ask yourself “what if”. By asking yourself that question you will automatically think further than you might think. The answers to this question are almost unlimited and that counts also for your niche. Try it for yourself. There are many entrepreneurs that asked themself the same question. Those ideas became later successful companies. What if our clients can assemble their own furniture. What if a business owner can easily build an online shop. What if you could drive around with advertising on your car…

Look back in time

Some people try to look back in time and learn from our history. What ideas did other people have in the past? And why didn’t it work or why did it work? Where some ideas just to soon and was the world not ready for it? This is a great way to think a little bit further away from the problem.

Define the problem

Defining the problem is a really important part if you start with a brainstorming session. This sounds obvious, right? But defining the problem to a state where you perfectly know what the problem is, is super important.

Quantity vs quality.

Quality is what most people are looking for as a result when brainstorming. But when brainstorming it’s often good to focus on quantity at the beginning of the session. Later you can go more in-depth on the best results you’ve had when focussing on quantity.