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14 Aug 20

Brainstorming with a group is most of the time much more productive then brainstorming alone. That is because there is more brainpower in the room and you can build on the ideas form other people. In this post, we want to give you some extra tips on how you can improve your brainstorming sessions to get the most out of it.

Optimist vs pessimist.

This is one of our favorite ways of brainstorming. Because you can quickly get another view on the problem. Optimist vs pessimist is a brainstorming technique where two people take one of the roles on them. One person is the optimist the other is the pessimist. The pessimist starts by asking the optimist a question on how to solve the problem. The optimist answers with a possible solution, the pessimist tries to convince the optimist why it might be a bad solution. The optimist tries to defend his idea.

This way, a lot of new insights can be found without breaking you’re head on possible solutions. Just follow the flow of your brain and let the ideas flow.

Group passing technique

This technique do we use a lot at the office. The technique goes a follows. Everyone sits in a circle and write and idea on a piece of paper. After this, they give the piece of paper to the person next to them and they started to expand on the idea further. If everyone is done they pass the piece of paper to the next person and so on… You eventually stop when you get your original piece of paper with your idea back. After this, you analyze every idea with the group.

Include people who doesn’t know anything about the subject.

Say for example you are brainstorming around some solutions for marketing problems. Including someone in your brainstorming session who doesn’t have a clue about how marketing works is often a great value for the team. Because this person gonna come up with things that other people who are experts in this topic never would think of.